Sal Yvat is a Memphis-bred, Chicago-made interdisciplinary artist working as a wardrobe stylist, costume designer, and event curator. With a B.A in Advertising Art Direction, Sal is able to interpret and execute visual ideas by combining relevant market trends with detailed research and a refined personal perspective. 

Since 2016, Sal has worked with a range of artists and brands, including Square, Nike, Yamaha, Conde Nast, and many more. With a love for connecting with people through wardrobe and fashion history; she is passionate about the ways fashion can be used to foster self-confidence and promote self-expression.

In 2019 Sal launched Look Authority Studio, a fashion-focused creative studio.


A place for fashionable exploration. Home to true selves of the past and the future. A creative studio for the cutting edge. 

Look Authority Studio caters to inventive companies and individuals, delivering creative, production, and event services IRL and online. From wardrobe development and creative direction to show production and photoshoot planning to web design and content creation, we deliver success stories for fashion, lifestyle, and artist brands. 

Built in Chicago, Look Authority began as a space for collaboration and exploration for its founder, Sal Yvat, and quickly actualized into a centralized hub for creating lasting fashion campaigns, engaging digital content, and producing community-centered events. 

Look Authority is a fashion focused creative studio with a vision for image + wardrobe development, digital design, activations, and content. We are dedicated to providing a celebratory platform and on-set learning opportunities for aspiring Black Femmes in the fashion career space.

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